The most effective holistic test prep & college admissions coaching on the planet.

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If you:

• Are the parent of a high schooler or undergrad,

• Feel anxious or overwhelmed when you think about the test prep/ admissions process (or see your son/daughter struggling with these feelings),


• Want to see your child thrive emotionally while achieving outstanding results academically...


Doty Academy is where you access the uniquely effective strategies, content, and mindset coaching that I have used to build the most-awarded tutoring company in New Jersey & guide thousands of students (across five continents) to Admission Heaven.

To say that Scott changed my son’s life is an understatement. Scott not only coached him to incredible results on his tests & admissions… but he also made the process engaging and FUN. My son has a new self-confidence-- and I have money in my pocket from all the scholarships Scott helped us earn! THANK YOU, SCOTT!
~Jenny Q, Rhinebeck NY

Trusted & Endorsed by:

Costa Rica International Academy
Mensa International
American School of Brasilia
International School of Kenya


NO boring lectures, lame pep talks, or cookie-cutter curriculum. 

Just the most comprehensive, powerful achievement & wellness tools you’ll find anywhere... at a FRACTION of my typical in-person rates. 

Check out the courses below & find what works for your family.

Let’s do this!

Scott Doty

Entrepreneur, Mentor, All-around Brainiac

Scott Doty is a bilingual academic mentor and performance coach from the great state of New Jersey. Known for his high-energy workshops and infectious enthusiasm, Scott is an innovator & leading voice in the worlds of personal wellness, productivity, and elite academic performance.

He’s also a successful entrepreneur: his 15-year-old company, BrainStorm Tutoring & Arts, has equipped thousands of students across five continents to experience Dominance on Test Day & Confidence for Life.

A Mensa member, Tufts alum, and author of two SAT/ACT strategy guides, Scott has taught his signature performance ConquerCamp at international schools around the globe.

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Patrick S.

He approaches the SAT like the test isn’t that bad…you go into the mindset of ‘I’m going to rock this test.‘ That probably changed how I approached not just the test, but a lot of other things.

Robin M.

Scott…’studies’ his students and has the ability to size them up – not only their intellectual status, but how to connect with them in a way that makes them want to succeed.

Ardi M.

Scott makes for a phenomenal resource in the education world. While he is incredibly knowledgeable about the field and the innovative ways to approach it, his true strength lies in the rapport he builds with students and parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What qualifies Scott to coach my teenager?

    I am a charismatic, high-energy master teacher. I've coached thousands of students across five continents during my 17-year career as a professional academic mentor & coach. Yes, I've gotten the great scores (99th percentile on various national standardized tests) & attended the great universities myself; I'm a member of Mensa (the international org for high-IQ individuals); etc. More important, I CARE about your child and will give his all to ensure his/her success.

  • What is 'holistic' test prep & admissions coaching

    By "holistic," I mean that human beings, not robots, are doing this work. As such, it is crucial that we address ALL factors that affect the student’s long-term success: study habits, mindset, brain health, organization, time & energy management, poise under pressure, motivation, emotional wellness, and more. Oh yeah, and we’ll learn some academic content, too.

  • How much personalized guidance & interaction will my child receive?

    I'm very hands-on throughout the process. To ensure your child is making outstanding progress, I'll use messaging and other methods to check in consistently to make sure your child stays on track throughout the experience.

  • What results can I expect?

    A more focused, motivated, and confident teenager who is truly equipped for short-term results and long-term success. A decrease in anxiety & overwhelm-- both for your child & you! A young person whose wellness habits are improving. And indeed, higher test scores and/or better admissions results, including thousands of dollars in merit scholarships.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    If your son or daughter really engages with the course you’ve purchased (as shown by work submissions) and isn’t convinced he or she is receiving tremendous tools for achievement, we’ll return your investment, no questions asked.

  • What if my child wants extremely high results? will these courses meet his/her needs?

    I always felt school was boring, cookie-cutter, and geared towards the lowest common denominator. All of my courses are designed to be refreshingly challenging & fun-- indeed, even for the very high achievers.

  • What if my child has special learning needs (IEP/504)?

    I don’t claim to have special credentials as a child psychologist or social worker, but I do have thousands of hours of experience working with students with IEPs or 504s. This experience will indeed address, to some extent, the specialized needs of these students. Those desiring a deeper dive may want to consider joining my Inner Circle or retaining me for private sessions.

  • When do the courses start?

    NOW! No reason to delay~ your child can get rolling on the pursuit of breakthrough scores, skills for life, and incredibly successful college admission today.


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